About Me

I’m Claire, a 24-year-old New Zealander, getting married in December and embarking, with much trepidation, on the Dukan Diet.

There are two things I should make clear before I go any further:

1. I am not obese, I do not have a huge amount of weight to lose. I have a fair bit to lose but it’s really those last 5-10kilos that so many people struggle with and can probably relate to.

2. I am very short. Exactly 5 foot in fact. This means that my current weight and target weight both probably sound quite low to some people but my target weight is sensible for my height and my current weight puts me at slightly overweight.

Since getting engaged a year ago I have lost a fair bit of weight. I had been getting fat for years and when I realised I was going to be a fat bride I knew things had to change. I finally hopped on my scales and weighed in at 65 kilos. 20 kilos heavier than my minimum healthy weight (I can weigh 45kilos and still be considered a heathy weight.)

3 months later I weighed 56.9 kilos, was running every day, had dropped a dress size and I was enjoying the odd compliment from people who noticed.

That was 9 months ago and thankfully I can say I’ve maintained the weight (well to within about 1.5kilos at any one time). But I haven’t lost any more. I’m still running everyday – my eating is generally ok – although I do have emotional blow outs with food. But it’s now 4 months until the wedding and I really want to lose the last few kilos I still have to go. So I’m trying the Dukan Diet to give my body a stricter food routine and see if I can get to goal weight for the first time in my life.


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