Weigh In – 21st September

The Stats

Starting Weight: 57.7kg

Today’s weight: 54.0kg

Weight lost since last weigh in: 0kg

Total Weight lost: 3.7kg

I didn’t lose a gram this week. Nothing, nada, zilch. I’ve stayed exactly the same. Funnily enough I’m not going to get upset and miserable about it this week. I’m not even that worried. I’m resigned to the fact that I’m in a serious plateau and at some point I’ll get out of it and the weight loss will take off again. Well that’s my theory and as I’ve got nothing else to keep me going that will have to do. Next week the goal is to see a 53. Even if I lose only 100 grams – fine, just show me that 53!!


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3 Responses to Weigh In – 21st September

  1. gentlemonkey says:

    What an awesome attitude Claire, so inspiring xoxo Keep soldiering on 😀

  2. Carrie says:

    I had a week like that and then the following week a really good loss, so hopefully you’ll have the same. Good on you for not getting down about it – fingers crossed for 53 : )

  3. Ruth says:

    Hi, you don’t know how well you are doing, and we reckon you can make minor tweaks to get your mojo going for ya again.

    We have had a great Dukan experience. Over the summer we lost our weight and reached target — we’re now consolidating, and have kept the weight steady for 2 months. Dave was “obese” and he lost about 18.5kg and I lost 15kg. Dave lost more than me, and his rate rounds to about 0.2kg per day, while mine is same as your at 0.1kg/day on average. Nevertheless, Dave is still “overweight” (even after beating his Dukan target) as he never did get under 25kg/m2, however my BMI is now mid-range “normal”.

    Unlike so many others, we drank no water and did no exercise at all — just carried on as close as possible to our normal lifestyle because we want to be able to keep the weight off rather than lose weight fast.

    We grazed and snacked constantly, never went hungry, and so never got tempted. We learned to ask precisely for things in restaurants and supermarkets, and we paid far more attention to low fat and low salt than to low carbs because the Diet always has a level of carbs — always (even on attack), mostly in the form of oat bran, but also veg. For example, we would gorge on fat-free yogurts, and to hell with the carbs content! We were very sad to avoid ham and lamb; we did no so-called tolerated foods.

    We also weighed ourselves every morning on reasonable digital scales before breakfast. At first we simply scribbled the numbers onto a post-it note, but when we were losing heart with the diet, we did a spreadsheet that generated graphs — and boy! what a difference that made — we became encouraged and motivated to see the journey of change! Brilliant!

    We had several charts, one was a bar chart of weekly weighings, one was a chart of loss over time, and another was weekly.

    The weekly one was fascinating; Monday to Monday (for example) would show a dramatic loss, but Thursday to Thursday would be flat-line or even a slight gain!

    We realised that weekly weighing could be demotivational in that respect, also that you have a slower “reaction” to the results.

    For example, if we saw a daily slight gain or flat line, we would definitely not be tempted to change to a double pp to suit a social function, and we would make sure we walked a bit more briskly that day. Maybe if you were having tolerated foods, that would be when you would skip them, we just cut back on salad, and drank more coffees and diet cokes!

    We’d be willing to bet that if you weighed every morning, you would feel more in control, especially if you did a spreadsheet and got graphs — see Charlotte’s site to download one.

    A wee change of emphasis is probably all you need — it must be difficult doing it alone (meals were so easy for us doing the diet together). Maybe you have a false ceiling (a previously stable weight), but we think an average loss of 0.1kg per day is better than weightwatcher’s and other diet regimes’ expectations, so we wouldn’t fret unduly in your shoes.

    0.1kg a day = 1kg every 10 days = 10kg in 100 days always remember that!
    Well done to you and a BIG PAT ON THE BACK to you from Glasgow UK

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