Cruise Day 26 – PV

Breakfast: Scrambled Eggs made with two eggs and some pieces of chopped low fat ham

Snack: None

Lunch: Tin of pink salmon with homemade quark and pepper mashed through served with celery sticks

Snack: 1 light laughing cow cheese wedge wrapped in low fat turkey slices

Dinner: Cottage pie type filling topped with cottage cheese and oat bran, baked in rammekins served wtih courgettes

Water: Hardly any, I’m shocking at forgetting to drink on the weekends!

Exercise: 55 minute gym workout, 20 minute walk

Nothing much to add today!


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One Response to Cruise Day 26 – PV

  1. gentlemonkey says:

    Can’t wait to see how your weight goes this week 🙂 Sounds like you have been eating great xoxo

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