Cruise Day 24 – PV


Breakfast: Yoghurt mixed with oatbran, cinnamon and sweetener

Snack: Hard boiled egg

Lunch: 1 Chicken breast mixed with yoghurt and moroccan spices, served with celery sticks

Snack: A little bit of shaved ham and turkey

Dinner: 1 Chocolate protein shake, steamed fish served on a bed of leeks sauteed in wholegrain mustard

Snack: A couple of teaspoons of oat bran

Water: 1.5l

Exercise: 55 minute gym workout

I have been so down in the dumps these last few days – the poor weight loss has really got to me. Also my knee is not good so while I’m still managing to exercise at the gym my morning runs are out. But I think I’m being a bit silly to be so disappointed in myself – I’m in a healthy weight range, I’m wearing smaller clothes, I’m exercising, eating well – if someone had told me this time last year I’d be in this situation I’d have told them that would put me on top of the world.  I was 65kg in September last year and with a BMI of 28 I was at the upper end of the ‘overweight’ scale. A few more kilos and I’d have been obese.

I need to try and remind myself of how far I’ve come and stop getting so down on myself about the plateau I seem to be in at the moment. I think one of the hardest things is to stay motivated when things aren’t going well. I’ve had a few moments of ‘I might as well give up, it’s stopped working’ but I know if I maintain the motivation and keep going I should break through this funk and get there eventually. Well, here’s hoping!!


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2 Responses to Cruise Day 24 – PV

  1. Charlotte says:

    If it makes you feel any better – how about thinking about your weight loss in percentage terms rather than actual terms? I started out over twice the weight you are now, and you’re a shortie, so any straight comparisons between, say, my weekly loss and yours are just not valid! Any loss you experience is, in percentage terms, worth a lot more than it says on the scales!! 🙂

    So keep heart sweetie! Wait for the whoosh, stick with it and you’ll be fine! OR – consider the fact that you’re in the “healthy weight” category. I can’t WAIT for the time when that horrid BMI chart sees me as merely “overweight” rather than “obese.” I was really happy, actually, to go from “morbidly obese” to “obese”, though I have to say I ABSOLUTELY hate those words.

    All’s I’m trying to say is, you may be short, but go easy on yourself! 🙂 You’re going to be a beautiful bride no matter WHAT!!

    Charlotte x

    • Claire says:

      Yeah It’s funny how we all have a different perspective on things and you’re right, thinking about percentage is a good idea – I must work that out!

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