Cruise day 22 – PV

Breakfast: Oat bran porridge mixed with cinnamon and topped with natural yoghurt

Snack: 1 vanilla protein shake

Lunch: Leftover pate and celery sticks  from the Dukan Dinner Party followed by natural yoghurt mixed with oat bran, cinnamon and sweetener, prepared the night before so it goes all gooey (this is officially my favourite food in the world)

Snack: Small tin of weight watchers tuna

Dinner: Chicken breast with moroccan seasoning served with cauliflower (topped with latest batch of homemade quark) and bok choy

Snack: Snacked on little bits of chicken and cottage cheese as I prepared my lunch

Water: 2l+

Exercise: 55 minute pump workout class, 20 minute walk

I really hurt my knee doing the squats in the pump class so now most exercise is out and I don’t know how long it’ll take my knee to recover. Tried to go fo a run but it was too sore, at least I’m managing to walk instead but it doesn’t bode well for a good week.

Finding it very hard to stay motivated at the moment.


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