Weigh In – 14th September

Oh dear 😦

The Stats

Starting Weight: 57.7kg

Today’s weight: 54.0kg

Weight lost since last weigh in: 0.3kg

Total Weight lost: 3.7kg

Unsurprisingly I’m really disappointed with this week’s 300gm weight loss. And still in the 54s, even a 53.9 would have been nice! I suppose I have to remember that with being so close to goal weight the weight is not going to fall off in huge amounts. And I’ve started doing a bit more weight training to try and tone up my arms for the big day so I suppose there could be some muscle growth there. But I don’t want to make excuses, I ate too much oat bran, too much dairy this week and I’m a shocker for snacking on yoghurt after dinner. I really need to get this under control and hopefully I’ll see a shiny 53 on the scales next week. Aiming for a 500gm weight loss next time. Let’s see how I go. Sigh.


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2 Responses to Weigh In – 14th September

  1. gentlemonkey says:

    Cheer up Claire Bear…:P sorry, hope you don’t mind (we love Heroes the TV show)
    You are so right when you say you have less weight to lose. If the scales aren’t cheering you up enough, think about how much healthier your body is now (on the inside). You are doing great. Thank you for sharing all of your good ideas, I love checking out your blog and seeing how you are going.
    At night, to make myself not snack, I have a water bottle and drink lots and lots. It’s probably silly thinking, but if I go to the toilet more in the morning then I will probably weigh less 😛 (unfortunate side affect: waking up busting to go in the middle of the night!) 🙂
    Keep it up hon xoxo

    • Claire says:

      Thanks for the vote of confidence Lauren, I’m feeling pretty down in the dumps at the moment! You’re water idea is really great, I’ll definitely try that as I currently drink most of my daily water during the day at work when I always have a water bottle next to me so I’ll try to start doing the same at home. Since starting dukan I’ve been waking up to go to the loo every night anyway so things probably won’t change much!

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