Cruise Day 18 – PV

Wow was I hungry today. From the moment I woke up I had food on my mind and it didn’t disappear until a massive lunch. So I ate a lot today but I’m not too worried, the hunger was genuine, I obviously needed it.

Breakfast: Oat bran porridge with cinnamon

Snack 1: Vanilla protein shake

Snack two: Yoghurt with cinnamon, oat bran and sweetener

Lunch: Capsicum (green pepper), tuna, cottage cheese and boiled egg mashed together served on a salad of mesclun, tomatoes and mushrooms. Followed by several spoonfuls of cottage cheese with salt and pepper stirred through

Snack: None, finally full!!

Dinner: Beef and vegetable stir fry – Veggies were leeks, carrot, celery, ginger, onion, garlic, bok choy and capsicum

Water: 2l (just)

Exercise: 20 minute run, 25 minute pilates workout, 45 minute gym workout

Thanks God it’s Friday. I was so ready for it – been counting down since Monday!! Hoping to do a decent amount of exercise this weekend and try to keep busy so I don’t eat too much. Got a little bit of making up to do and we’re out for dinner tomorrow night so need to take it easy during the day.

Hope all you other dukan dieters have a fabulous weekend! xo


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5 Responses to Cruise Day 18 – PV

  1. Charlotte says:

    omg, I know what you mean – there are some days when you just can’t seem to get full – for me it usually happens when I’m not prepared enough and haven’t got bits of meaty snackfood to chow down on…

    Though if I only had porridge for breakfast, I’d be starvinghungryallday too! I can’t live without my porridge, two eggs and a mug of tea for brekkie! Keeps me going till lunch. I realised the day that I forgot to bring eggs with me to work (I always eat my brekkie at work) that it’s the eggs that really keep me going, so now if there aren’t any eggs in the house I always stop on my way to work and pick some up.


    ps – nice going on the workout btw!! 🙂

    • Claire says:

      Hi Charlotte! I’ve actually often wondered what microwaved eggs actually means?? Do you poach them in water in the microwave or is it something different? Maybe I should be eating more breakfast!

      • Charlotte says:

        Hi Claire,

        The way I microwave my eggs is pretty easy – though you do need to stay with them the entire time. I just get a plain old coffee cup, crack a couple of eggs in, and put it in the microwave. Every 10 seconds or so, I take the cup out and swirl it around, so that the cooked bits of white around the edge aren’t sticking to the mug.

        I keep doing this until there’s just a circle of uncooked egg in the middle, maybe 2cms across – this takes maybe 4-5 rounds of 10 seconds, depending on the microwave. Then I get my teaspoon in there and give it a good old stir (I prefer my microwaved eggs scrambled) and add salt & pepper at this stage.

        Finally, I give it another wee blast, checking regularly – I like my eggs a little gooey, so they can easily overcook at this stage!

        I guess it’s kinda up to you how much you cook them, and whether you like them scrambled or not. My friend Maddy likes them whole, and well cooked. I like mine well mushed up… 🙂

        One thing you gotta be careful of, though, is not to leave them too long in the microwave – they’re liable to explode, which is why I take mine out and swirl it every now and then – it evens out the heat or something. Some people will say it’s the yolk that explodes, but I’ve had white that goes BOOM (probably just a trapped bubble or something) and coated the inside of the microwave. The people at work laugh at me when that happens – but don’t let it put you off!

        My advice would be to DEFINITELY have more to eat for breakfast!! It totally sets you up for the day. 🙂

        Let us know how you go!

      • Claire says:

        Fantastic, thanks for that great explanation Charlotte – I’ll defnitely give it a go!

      • Charlotte says:

        PS – I also have a giant mug of tea with my brekkie – that fills me up good and proper.

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