Cruise Day 16 – PV

Today’s Food:

Breakfast: Natural yoghurt with sweetener, cinnamon and 3 tsp of oatbran

Snack: Vanilla protein shake

Lunch: Homemade quark, paprika, sardines and boiled egg mashed together with celery sticks for dipping. Followed by yoghurt mixed with cinnamon, sweetener and a bit of oat bran. (Prepare the yoghurt mix the night before and pop in the fridge. By the time you come to eat it, it will have turned into a deliciously gooey consistency)

Snack: 1 laughing cow cheese wedge

Dinner: Fish cakes on a bed of mesclun salad accompanied by a sauce made wih extra light cream cheese and sweet chilli sauce

Snack: Low fat shaved turkey

Water: 2l +

Exercise: 10 minutes on the treadmill. 😦

Today I had a sore throat and was so incredibly tired. My alarm woke me up right in the middle of a scary dream and I was obviously in a deep sleep so I spent the whole day feeling like I was slightly still in sleep mode and hadn’t woken up properly. I hate that! It also meant I didn’t get out of bed to go for a run or do a pilates workout like I usually do. Lazy 😦


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3 Responses to Cruise Day 16 – PV

  1. Charlotte says:

    Booo for being sick Right there with ya honey. Take it easy, don’t force your body too hard. Allow yourself a treat if you need it.

    I spent all of yesterday in my bed, sick with the cold. Didn’t even leave the house. The most exercise I got was trudging to the toilet! I’m impressed you got any time in on the treadmill – that’s dedication!

    Take care, sweetie!
    Charlotte x

  2. Bee says:

    Hi Claire
    I see your blog daily via Charlottes site, and am interested to know why you have a daily protein shake. I know that other low carb diets recommend this, but I havn’t included it whilst doing DD. Does increasing your protein increase your weight loss and do you use a brand name or make up your own?
    Hope that all you sickies get better soon!XX

    • Claire says:

      Hi Bee, sorry for takng so long to respond! No real reason for the protein shakes. Mainly I like the taste and they’re relatively filing so make a good snack. Also I dod a fair bit of exercise so I guess I see it as sort of feeding my muscles! Really I just like them! I use one of those big tubs of whey powder and mix two and a half scoops with water. It’s delicious with milk but I think that’s a bit naughty!!

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