Claire’s super-duper attack phase mini quiches

I’ve changed my Recipe page around a bit so it’s now a much better system so just creating a new post so this recipe doesn’t get lost in the mix.


2 eggs

2 tbsp oat bran

Decent splash of super trim milk

half an onion dry fried

1 tbsp cottage cheese

low fat ham – cut into little pieces


Combine all ingredients, pour into muffin moulds, bake for 15-20 minutes on 180 degrees. Should make 5-6 but try to only have 2 a day!

I also recommend using silicone bakeware if you have it or cupcake/muffin papers as I found these difficult to get out of the tin


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2 Responses to Claire’s super-duper attack phase mini quiches

  1. Charlotte says:

    zomg yum. I’ve been meaning to do quiches for aaaages, you just reminded me! Gonna make some PV ones with tomato for tomorrow.


    • Claire says:

      Ooh great idea, I’ve been thinking of making some PV ones with leek. Really the world is your oyster. In fact being on the Dukan has made me so much more adventurous in the kitchen. Instead of cooking the old staples week in and week out I now spend time scanning the internet for new recipe ideas!

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