Weigh In – 7th September

Well today is Tuesday so that means weigh in.

As I said yesterday, I was dreading this weigh in. I was expecting a gain and although that didn’t happen my results weren’t exactly spectacular…

The Stats

Starting Weight: 57.7kg

Today’s weight: 54.3kg

Weight lost since last weigh in: 0.4kg

Total Weight lost: 3.4kg

So a loss of 400 grams. Can’t really complain but determined to beat that loss next week on the scales.

I’ve said on my ‘About Me’ page that my happy, maintainable goal weight is 53kg. And my wedding day goal weight is 50.9kg as that’s what Dukan said my ideal weight was on the official website. I kept thinking this sounded a tiny bit low so I went back into the website and saw that for some reason my weight was entered as 4 foot 8. Not 5 foot. So I re-calculated and my ideal weight came out at 52.9kg. Pretty much exactly what I’d been aiming for. So that was good.

The other realisation I’ve had is that I can’t actually lose much more weight otherwise my wedding dress won’t fit. Luckily it’s lace up and when I bought the dress the lacing was quite wide across my back giving plenty of room for movement. But as I’ve lost weight the back has been pulled in more and more and we’re now at the stage where soon it won’t be possible to pull it in any more.

So a slight change to goals. Happy maintainable goal weight is still 53kg. New wedding day goal weight is 52.5kg. This is only just below Dukan’s recommended ideal weight for me and means losing another 2 kilos which I hope will be enough to see a slight difference but not too much that my dress is too big. I think I’ll get there, despite this week’s sort of fail. The tricky thing is going to be maintaining that weight to the letter (well, number!) until December. If I lose more I won’t fit the dress, if I gain more I won’t be my ideal weight on my wedding day and will probably be pretty disappointed in myself. It’s going to be a tricky balancing act! Anyway, I guess I should at least get there first!

Weight Loss Rewards

How I plan to treat myself when I reach my two goals:

53kg: Treat myself to a new belly button piercing, seeing as the current one spent much of it’s life enveloped in rolls, it’d be nice to get a new one that will get to see the light of day!!

52.5kg: Purchase two bikinis for our Thailand honeymoon. And not buy matching shorts as I would have in the past to cover up my thighs.

Finished my first batch of quark this morning. I will post a rundown and pics tonight!


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One Response to Weigh In – 7th September

  1. JulieK says:

    Well done! you’re almost there 🙂

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