Cruise Day 12 – PP

Today’s Food:

Breakfast: Oat Bran Porridge

Snack: None

Lunch: Fried egg topped with cottae cheese, yoghurt with cocoa and sweetener

Snack: A few spoonfuls of cottage cheese and quark

Dinner: Lauren’s chicken nuggets, using moroccan spices instead of paprika

Snack: Yoghurt with cocoa and sweetener

Exercise: 25 minute pilates workout

Water: About 3 glasses, nowhere near enough. My routine goes out the window on a weekend as I don’t have a bottle of water next to me all the time as I do at work

What a day it was in New Zealand with a massive earthquake hitting the South Island in the early hours of yesterday morning. I am in the North Island so didn’t know anything about it until I got in the car and turned on the radio when I was heading to my wedding my hair and make up trial. It’s all very surreal and the damage is very extensive. Luckily everyone I know in Christchurch is safe and well but it’s a real wake up call that we do live in a very geologically active country.

Wedding hair and make up trial went well. The hair is exactly what I wanted and is what I was most worried about so I’m really pleased. Now just have to wait three and a half months to have it done again!

I’m really looking forward to weigh in on Tuesday. Might change my mind after today though as we have two meals out planned but for the moment at least I’m feeling good and think I’ve lost a little bit of weight.


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