Cruise Day 11 – PP

(Note this blog is for yesterday – didn’t get a chance to pop it up last night)

I’ve decided to do 3 PP days in a row (yesterday being the first)

1. To help make up for the quark binge

2. With Mum staying over we’re having lunch with my grandparents on Sunday. Knowing Granny she’ll cook up a storm and while I’ll try to avoid naughtiness as much as possible I don’t want to offend by sitting and staring at my plate. I figure 3 PP days leading up to Sunday should help and ensure that Sunday is a PV day

In other news, I wore  my ‘when I’m skinny pants’ to work today. So happy!!

And I’ve started reading the official Dukan Diet book. Finding it a little bit repetetive so far but I think it’ll be very useful when I eventually get to the consolidation phase. It’s a scary thought re-introducing foods that have caused so many problems in the past so I think having the book will give me the full knowledge I need to get through.

Still, I’ve got a little way to go before I need to think about consolidation 🙂

Today’s Food:

Breakfast: 1 vanilla protein shake

Snack: None

Lunch: Tuna mixed with garlic and chives cottage cheese with a boiled egg mashed in, yoghurt with a few drops of sweetener

Snack: Shaved chicken, 1 laughing cow cheese wedge

Dinner: Cottage cheese and sage stuffed chicken breast

Dessert: Dukan cheesecakes

Water: 2l +

Exercise: 20 minute run, took the bus to work so 20 mins walking to and from bus stops

Thanks so much for all the recipe goodness Lauren, I always look forward to trying your dishes – the chicken was amazing!!


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