Cruise Day 9 – PV


Breakfast: Oatbran porridge

Snack: Vanilla protein shake, 1 laughing cow cheese wedge

Lunch: Prawn, olives (not ideal but the salad didn’t have much going for it), red onion and mesclun salad with a small drizzle of olive oil and balsamic dressing. It was just too dry without

Snack: A fair few tbsp of quark 😦

Lunch: Huge serving of Dukan curried meatloaf served with cauliflower puree

Dessert: Baked nutmeg, vanilla and cinnamon custards

Snack: Couple of slices of freshly made Dukan Pumpkin Bread

Today was really bad. I discovered quark! I found it at a boutique foods shop just dwn the road from my work. It cost a bomb but I was so excited to find some (was beginning to think it didn’t exist in New Zealand) that I polished off half the tub.

I also ate way too much oatbran yesteray. The porridge, meatloaf and pumpkin bread were all full of it.

Very disappointed in myself but determined to make up for it. I know that 2 or 3 really good days will hopefully make up for these transgressions.

Incidentally the meatloaf was delicious so I’ll post the recipe up soon. When eaten in moderation (!) it’s a great Dukan meal


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