Cruise Day 8 – PP

Didn’t get a chance to post last night as my darling bridesmaid came over to try on her dress which has just arrived. We had a great night putting pins in the dress where adjustments need making and poring over wedding magazines looking for hairstyles for her. By the time she left it was bed time. The great thing was I didn’t get a chance to have dessert or snack after dinner – so handy having a distraction! Anyway here’s a quick post of yesterday’s food:

Breakfast: Oatbran porridge

Snack: 1 moist vanilla muffin, 1 laughing cow cheese wedge

Lunch: Steak cut into strips served with garlic and chive cottage cheese

Snack: Boiled Egg, low fat turkey

Snack: Party at work with catered canapes. Lucky I avoided all but: 1 scallop, small slice of seared tuna, small piece of chicken. I picked all the carby bits out of the canapes and wiped off the mayonnaise so pretty sure I can’t have done too much damage!

Dinner: Omelette with low fat ham

And after a very well behaved day yesterday avoiding all those canapes, wine and strawberry daquiris at the work function I got on the scales this morning because I’d stupidly left them in the bathroom after weigh in yesterday. I thought oh I’ll just give it a go. Well I’d gained 100 grams. I felt completely deflated and disappointed with myself. This is why I don’t weigh in every day! Those scales are going straight back into the cupboard and I’ve given myself a hearty slap on the wrist!


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