Cruise Day 7 – PV

Today’s Food

Breakfast: Chocolate Oat bran muffin

Snack: 1 moist vanilla Muffin

Lunch: Leftover salmon in a dill and yoghurt sauce, celery sticks for scooping it up. Delicious!! One boiled egg.

Snack: 1 moist vanilla muffin

Dinner: Chicken and leek curry served on cauliflower rice

Dessert: Chocolate yoghurt

Went a bit overboard on the muffins today, I need to do a shop because I’m running out of food and eating all the baking!!

I’m really starting to see a difference since I’ve been duing the dukan. I can’t wear my chunky belt anymore that I used to practically live in because it just gapes now and looks awful. My work pencil skirt is too loose and kind of looks like it’s ballooning at the hips. My work black pants that I wear when I can’t really be bothered making an effort are baggy and make me look like I just crawled out of bed. I had a mission this morning choosing what to wear because everything looked weird. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a nice feeling but I hadn’t expected this to happen so fast. I’ve only been on the Dukan just over two weeks and I’m changing shape already!

Weigh in tomorrow morning and I’m really excited. The nice thing about limiting how often I get on the scales is that it gives me something to look forward to.

I’ll keep you posted.


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3 Responses to Cruise Day 7 – PV

  1. JulieK says:

    You’re doing GREAT! 🙂

  2. Charlotte says:

    Hehe – the hidden costs of losing weight – a whole new wardrobe!

    I’m holding off buying new stuff, aside from three items – my “now” top cause I need something new for work, my “in 4 weeks” teeshirt, cause it’s totally cute, and my “once I hit size 16 for the first time in my adult life” dress. SO PRETTY!

    What clothes are you looking forward to buying once you’ve hit target?

    Charlotte x

    • Claire says:

      Ooh, well it’s the first day of spring here so I’d say some nice floaty summer dresses with pretty cardigans. I need to ban myself from buying more black!!

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