Cruise Day 6 – PP

Today’s Food:

Breakfast: Oat bran porridge, 1 moist vanilla muffin

Snack: Chocolate oat bran muffin (made these last night along with another batch of vanilla muffins) – yummy but I made them a bit dry need to use more milk next time and might add some yoghurt.

Lunch: Cottage cheese and low fat turkey on dukan bread

Snack: low fat turkey and a bit of cottage cheese

Dinner: Mince, onion and garlic with cottage cheese stirred through baked in a ramekin with low fat ricotta and a sprinkling of oat bran on top.

Snack: None

Today Another good day on Dukan. Every day is a good day lately!

Bit nervous now as from tomorrow FH is on late shifts. This is often a  bit of a problem because I tend to eat more when he’s not around at night. Secret eating I guess. He used to wonder why we got through the peanut butter so quickly as he’s never actually seen me eat peanut butter… It’s a bit of a guilty secret really. I’m also lonely and bored when he’s out at work so this just feeds the problem (excuse the pun!) At least I can recognise that this is an issue for me and I’m hoping to find some distractions to keep me away from the kitchen. Any ideas would be much appreciated!

Groan, Monday tomorrow but only 2 sleeps till weigh day!


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