Cruise Day 5 – PV

Today’s Food:

Breakfast: None

Snack: 1 moist vanilla muffin

Lunch: Celery and carrot sticks some with tastings of dip, herb and spice crusted roast lamb, spicy lamb and green capsicum kebabs, marinated chicken nibbles, lettuce with lemon olive oil drizzled over

Dinner: Half a salmon steak served on a bed of spinach seasoned with garlic salt

Snack: Hasnt happened yet but will be 1 moist vanilla muffin

Well as you can probably tell from the above menu, today was work barbeque day. We had a lovely afternoon and while I ate more in quantity than I normally would I think I did ok with the food. My main slip up was the dip but it was home made and made with light cream cheese so could have been worse. The chicken nibbles also had skin on. I tried getting the skin off one but after that I gave up. Once barbequed it’s really impossible to tell what’s skin and what’s not. Probably had one two many spicy kebabs as well but they were yummy and it could have been worse. There were plates and plates of bread, crackers, cheese, dips, potato chips (one of my serious weak points) coleslaw in mayonaise, then an amazing looking trifle and chocolate ice cream. The fact that I avoided all that and had a bit too much lamb instead is, I think, more than forgiveable!

It’ll be two weeks tomorrow since I started the Dukan. I found the first few days of the diet quite difficult but now I’ve really got into the swing of it and I’m loving it! The way I’m feeling about myself at the moment is such fantastic motivation to keep it up. When I look in the mirror now I can see a bit of a difference and my clothes are getting looser. FH says he can see a difference too. I’ve also got out my ‘when I’m skinny pants’ you know, that pair of trousers that’s hung in the wardrobe for six years and are just waiting to be fitted again. While I’ve only been doing Dukan for two weeks I started losing weight 10 months ago and am almost 10 kilos lighter now than I was then. I took two months to lose 8 kilos and just maintained for the next 8 months before starting Dukan to get the rest off. Before I started losing weight I pulled out my skinny pants to try on – incidentally they’re a size 8 pair of brown checked pants. Nothing exciting but they’d be good for work. Anyway (sorry I’m rambling a bit today!) 10 months ago I couldn’t get them past my thighs. They came halfway up my thighs then stopped, I think I cried beause once upon a time, after I did weight watchers they fit me. (For all of one week as I started putting the weight back on again immediately!)

Yesterday I pulled them out, pulled them up my thighs – all the way! Did the button up, pulled up the zip and did a little twirl. They’re not quite wearable – to be honest they’re still a little tight as they’re giving me a bit of a camel toe!! But I really believe that in another few weeks I’ll be wearing them again.

I’m happy. I’m loving the Dukan Diet. I almost fit my ‘when I’m skinny’ pants. I haven’t felt so motivated in months!


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2 Responses to Cruise Day 5 – PV

  1. JulieK says:

    Well done!! you’re doing great! I love how it feels when you can actually fit in a jeans that didn’t even go above your thighs! Had the same experience 2 days ago!
    Keep it up! 😉

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