Cruise Day 3 – PV

Today’s Food:

Breakfast: 1 laughing cow cheese wedge (I know, this is a shocking excuse for a breakfast!)

Snack: Protein Shake

Lunch: Tuna, boiled egg and cottage cheese mashed up and served on salad, low fat shaved turkey slices

Snack: Raw carrot

Dinner: Tortillas without the wrap: Beef stir fried in garlic, iceberg lettuce, grated carrot, sliced capsicum, chopped tomatoes, small dollop of light sour cream (so basically beef salad!)

Snack: Mini moist vanilla muffin, delicious recipe courtesy of the lovely Lauren

We had two of our closest friends round for dinner tonight. A couple who recently got married and live down the road from us. I actually met her online on a wedding forum and we’ve now become the best of friends as have our partners. We always joke about how we actually met! She managed to lose 18 kilos in the year or so leading up to her own wedding and although she’s put a little bit of weight back on since then she still looks great.

Anyway we had them over for dinner and decided to do tortilla wraps as it meant I could pretty much eat the same as everyone else. My heart sank when they showed up at the door and my darling friend was holding a feshly baked homemade blueberry crumble. I didn’t have any, the diet has been going so well and I’m in such a good motivated head space right now I actually had no desire to eat the crumble I just felt sad ignoring it after all the work my friend had put in. She said she understood but I’m sure she was a bit disappointed.

I think that’s one of the toughest things about the Dukan diet. Until you reach consolidation phase you can’t really allow yourself even one night off because it will jeapordise all the hard work you’ve already put in. I suppose that’s the case with any diet though.

In other news I have booked flights to Australia to visit my parents who live in Canberra. I’ll be going over for Labour weekend at the end of October and feel really excited by the thought that I may well be at goal weight by then and quite possibly smaller than my mother (who for years and years has weighed less than me despite being a fair bit taller!)

It’s a great little goal to have in my mind but more importantly I just can’t wait to get over there!


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