Cruise Day 2 – PP

Breakfast: Scrambled eggs made with 1 whole egg and 1 egg white, splash of milk, mixed herbs

Snack: 1 wedge of light laughing cow cheese

Lunch: Pink salmon with cottage cheese and boiled egg, natural yoghurt with a couple of drops of sweetener

Snack: Few slices of low fat ham

Dinner: Steamed Salmon topped with prawns sauteed in mustard and garlic, spoonful of cream cheese

Dessert: Chocolate yoghurt

Snack: low fat shaved turkey, laughing cow cheese wedge, 4 tsp of oat bran (I’ve been completely forgetting to include oat bran in my diet!)

I ate way too much dairy today! In fact I think I ate rather a lot of everything and suddenly at night I realised I’d been totally forgetting my oat bran. I really need to do some baking so I have snacks in the fridge again, this should hopefully help me avoid eating so much dairy.

Spring is definitely on its way. Running in the mornings is getting more and pleasant the lighter it gets, I ran into a beautiful sunrise the other morning and felt pretty good about life. It didn’t last long. Two hours later and I ‘d dropped my bus money, forgot my umbrella, was late to work and the happy buzz faded pretty fast!!

One thing I’m finding about this diet is the expense. Low fat dairy and meat is not cheap. Does anyone have any tips for helping your pennies go further while you’re on the Dukan? Or do you just consider it an investment in your wellbeing and worth every penny? (That’s what I’m doing so far!!)


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