Confession time…

Ok I wasn’t going to tell you. I was going to sort of gloss over it and act like I’d done it differently. But it would put my days all out of order and it wouldn’t make sense so I’ve decided the best thing to do is fess up.

I still haven’t started the cruising phase.

I finished attack (well was meant to) on Thursday. I’d decided that I would still make Friday a protein only day as I was going to an engagement party on the Saturday night and wanted to enjoy vegetable nibbles at the party. So Friday I stuck to protein. Then came Saturday and I figured as I was planning on eating vegetables that night I’d stick to protein during the day so I could eat more veggies later. When I got to the party there was just a sea of chips, crackers, cheese and toasted bread with high calorie dips. Deep fried nibbles, sausage rolls and bottle after bottle of wine glinted at me from every corner but there was not a celery stick in sight. Luckily my willpower was running high and I avoided everything. Just stuck to water the whole night. But it meant another protein only day.

Then came Sunday which saw me spend half the day napping on the couch under our brand new heat pump, reading Harry Potter and doing very little else. This was the day I truly discovered the joy of yoghurt and cocoa and there wasn’t much room for anything else!

Then came Monday. The last remaining vegetables still sitting in the bottom of the fridge were a green sludge. The fridge was still full of meat, eggs and low fat dairy and I’ve got so used to prepping my protein only lunches I just did it without thinking. Dinner time came and I made up a recipe for incredibly delicious fish cakes (on my recipe page) which were so good on their own they were a meal in themselves. Then I realised I needed to snap out of this. I don’t want to form a habit and I have a sneaky suspicion I’m making excuses to stay on attack a bit longer so that I can try and lose a bit more weight faster.

Anyway, last night saw me making a trip to the supermarket. Stocked back up on all the protein and low fat dairy but also finally bought some vegetables and can now officially say that today will be Day One of the Cruise Phase. And it’ll be a PV day.

The other thing I did this morning was weigh in. I know this seems odd after my post yesterday about why I would only be weighing once a week and I wasn’t going to weigh but FH (Future Husband) actually said he thought I should. ‘You might as well find out exactly how much you lost during the protein only phase so you can compare to how much you’re losing during the Cruising Phase.’

‘Oh go on then, it has been 4 days since last weigh in’

The Stats

Starting Weight: 57.7kg

Current Weight: 55.9kg

Weight lost since last weigh in: 0.5kg

Total Weight lost: 1.8kg

I’m more than happy with this. I know that some of you other dukan dieters can lose this weight in the space of a few days but as I’ve said I don’t have a huge amount to lose so I know the weight won’t fall off that quickly. Anyway it’s only been 8 days since I started Dukan (really, only 8 days!?) and it’s been a long time since I’ve lost 1.8 kilos in 8 days! And most importantly for the first time since I can remember I’m in the 55s! (Ok only just, but I’m in there!!) Bring on the 54s and, finally, the cruising phase!


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