Oh Cocoa how I love thee

The weekend has put me all out of whack with blogging as I didn’t get near a computer the whole time. But back into it from today! One marvellous weekend discovery was turning my boring yoghurt into chocolate youghurt. A teaspoon of cocoa powder, few drops of sweetener and I had a delicacy of epic proportions. I can’t remember whose blog I read about this on but thank you!! I think I love it as much as I love real chocolate mousse which is saying something! Trouble is I got a bit carried away. As a result I ate a whole lot of yoghurt this weekend and I know cocoa does contain carbs so now I’m going to have to work really hard to resist temptation and remind myself that this is a treat. Not a twice (or dare I say it three times) a day meal!

I got a few comments on my last blog about the benefits of weighing in every day. I completely see your points. By weighing in every day you are in a better position to track where you’ve gone wrong and what’s worked well. But I just can’t bring myself to do it. About 7 years ago I did Weight Watchers and lost a fair bit of weight (I was about 17 at the time). I started off really well but somewhere along the line I got a bit obsessed. The problem was the constant thinking about counting points, constantly weighing up what food was good, what was bad, how much of something I could eat. The obsession transferred itself to the scales. I was weighing 4 times a day probably. It even got to the point where I wouldn’t even leave a hair tie in when I got on the scales in case it made a difference.

One of the appeals of the dukan diet was I didn’t have to count calories or points. As long as you stick to eating what you’re allowed I didn’t have to think about every single thing I put in my mouth and make a decision about It. So far this has been really beneficial and I think it works best for me. So, while I really respect your opinions and know that it probably would be an advantage I just can’t bring myself to get on those scales every day. I don’t want to become that obsessive person ever again!

Anyway here’s to the end of Week One on Dukan and hopefully a good week ahead of me, weigh in on Friday will reveal all!


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6 Responses to Oh Cocoa how I love thee

  1. gentlemonkey says:

    Whatever works for you Claire, and you certainly have some good justifications as to why you want to do what you are on the Dukan Diet.
    My fear is that I won’t become obsessive, but drop off from the diet, as I have done many times in the past. I’m blogging to keep myself focussed and so I can let all my friends and family know how I am going, as they are very supportive.
    I was wondering….I have linked over to your blog from mine…do you think we could do a link exchange?? I think there is beginning to be a wealth of information out there for people who are wanting to begin the Dukan Diet, it would be great to share.
    Lauren xoxo

    • Claire says:

      Lauren I’m so sorry! I couldn’t understand what you were talking about as I thought I’d added you to my blogroll days ago. Turns out I’d added another blog by mistake that I’ve actually never read! This shall be rectified immediately!

  2. gentlemonkey says:

    No worries 😛
    Btw….I LOVE your header! I’m studying graphic design at the moment and I think it’s so clever how you made it 🙂

  3. Hehe… I hear you on the obsessive weighing thing – like Lauren says, whatever works for you. I weigh myself 3-4 times a day usually, but this is more a game I play with myself, to see whether I can guess what the tally’s going to be the next day. I’m usually not far off, but I often underestimate, so that gives me a nice little surprise in the morning… 🙂

  4. Carrie says:

    That’s interesteding Claire, I had a similar experience when I followed WW and lost a lot of weight. I was obsessed with weighing myself, counting points, exercising and (randomly) tidying. All those things would a huge benefit to me now though! he he

    As the others said, it’s totally about what works for you and fitting the diet to your lifestyle.


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