Attack Phase: Day 5

My final day of Attack Phase went pretty well. Another hotel delivered afternoon treats to work but luckily this time I didn’t really bat an eyelid. My quiches were the big success of the day. A little too successful – I ate twice as many as I’d planned too. Slap on the wrist for me. At least I wasn’t munching on chocolate I guess but it wasn’t ideal!

Today’s Food:

Breakfast: 1 Protein Shake

Lunch: Yoghurt, tuna and egg mix up, natural yoghurt with a couple drops of sweetener, 2 mini quiches

Snack: Shaved low fat turkey

Dinner: Steamed chicken with moroccan spices

Snack: 2 mini quiches, cottage cheese, some slices of smoked salmon (tut tut!)

Incidentally I can’t recommend steaming chicken and fish highly enough. It is such a healthy way to cook, keeps everything very moist and is a great way to infuse flavour. I just use my vegetable steamer that sits above the saucepan. In goes a piece of baking paper pricked with a fork a few times and then the chicken breast. Cover tightly with saucepan lid. I also pop a bay leaf into the water below, the flavour really enhances the meat or fish. Halfway through cooking I sprinkle spices on top and again at the end but this can be done any time. Might be a good idea to rub spices all over before it even goes into the steamer.

Anyway, what you’ve all (possibly) been waiting for. This was my last day on Attack Phase so early this morning I finally weighed in…

The Stats

Phase: Attack Phase, Day 5

Starting Weight: 57.7 kilos

Current Weight: 56.4 kilos

Weight lost: 1.3 kilos

Total weight lost: 1.3 kilos

Pretty happy with that. I was hoping to make it into the 56s and I did! I knew my weight loss wouldn’t be huge because I just don’t have that much to lose overall but I think 1.3 kilos in 5 days is a pretty good effort.

So now I’m into the cruising phase. It gave me a bit of a fright actually because I’ve spent so much time researching the attack phase I dont actually know that much about cruising. Definitely need to get onto the google machine and see what this phase holds for me and how long its expected to last.

I have decided to do my cruising phase as 1 day of PP (Pure Protein) followed by 1 day of PV (Protein and Vegetables) and so on. That means today will still consist of pure protein. I decided to start on a PP day because we’re off to an engagement party tomorrow. Avoiding most of the nibbles and all alcohol will be hard enough but I figured if there’s celery sticks I’ll at least be able to munch on them if I’m on a PV day!

And finally the scales have gone away again. I’m better suited to weekly weigh-ins so now have to wait a whole 7 days before I know the next result!

Any tips for the crusing phase would be much appreciated!!!


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4 Responses to Attack Phase: Day 5

  1. Joanna says:

    When it comes to scales I guess it’s down to what works best for you however if you get stuck with weight loss during any of the later phases then the daily weight in might be helpful in finding out the culprit foods that might be delaying your goal.

    On a similar note if you struggle to lose weight try 3/3 or 5/5 instead of 1/1 as especially if you have quite a bit veg on your PV day you might not stay in ketosis all the way.

    Other advice is I guess the same as for all the phases 🙂 drink lots of water, eat a lot of the allowed foods (if you eat too little your body goes into “starvation mode”), do some enjoyable exercise (no need to kill yourself though) and be positive.

    Congratulations on your weight loss so far. With your numbers the 1.3kg does sound good 🙂

  2. gentlemonkey says:

    Congratulations on the weight loss 🙂 I weigh myself every day, it is a real motivator for me to get out of bed in the morning! I get excited about what the scales will show. If I stay the same for a couple of days it’s a gentle reminder to check that everything I’m doing is correct with Dukan.
    Some tips for Cruise….
    – Try to have protein with every meal
    – Don’t forget about Oat Bran
    – Eat asparagus….apparently it acts as a diuretic and will help with any water retention you have from eating the veggies.
    – Expect to stay the same on the scales a the day after a PV day. Your body will get it’s own rhythm and lose weight and plateau at it’s own rate.

  3. Dobsessed says:

    Well done! I also weigh myself everyday, keeps me vigilant. Also, Smoked Salmon is allowed on any phase of the Dukan so no worries there.

    Sometimes when I’m too busy to eat, I do find that my weightloss stalls, so make sure you eat enough. Also, I find that I always gain a bit after a PV day..

  4. Carrie says:

    Well done on your weight loss so far! I’m on my third week of the dukan diet and it’s going well so far. I weight myself every day to try and keep motivated and I’ve been doing the 5/5 pattern. I don’t find I lose much on the PV days, but it shifts quickly on the PP days.

    I would recomend keeping a chart of PP and PV days, because it’s easy to forget how many days you’ve done and planning menus ahead really helps. Good luck!

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