Attack Phase: Day 3

Today wasn’t a very fun day on Dukan. A local hotel provided champagne and afternoon tea at my work and hand delivered it all. I didn’t partake and my grumpy look was clearly apparent. A colleague actually said to me ‘Are you all right Claire? You look shitty’. She was right. Must remember to not be quite so much of an open book. Ate a bit more today but was still hungry after dinner. I don’t think it was real hunger though, more wanting to have stuff I can’t have

Today’s Food

Breakfast: Natural yoghurt with 1tbsp oat bran stirred through and a couple drops of sweetener

Snack: 3 oat ban cookies (yuk, gotta get rid of them!)

Lunch: Shaved low fat ham, kedgeree (smoked fish with cottage cheese and one egg), natural yoghurt with a couple of drops of sweetener and vanilla essence

Dinner: Bowl of stir fried beef with 1 onion, teaspoon of garlic and chilli powder stirred through. Dollop of cottage cheese on top.

Snack: One piece of low fat turkey

Dessert: Natural yogurt with one tsp of oat bran

Think I need to lay off the yoghurt a bit tomorrow, I feel like I’m going a bit overboard on the dairy. I’m just finding everything so dry I really look forward to the yoghurt and cottage cheese.

I’m going to the loo lots – not used to all the water! My workmates must wonder what’s going on with me forever running up and down the stairs. Day 4 tomorrow and I stil don’t feel like anything’s changed. If anything I feel like I’ve got fatter! We shall see…


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4 Responses to Attack Phase: Day 3

  1. Hi Clare!

    Wow, you’re just starting out, good luck! I know how you feel about getting sh!tty when there are tasty treats about in the office – I still find myself getting a bit emotional around the pastries aisle of the supermarket. It does get easier though.

    If you feel comfortable with it, share what you’re doing with your workmates – they can be one of your biggest allies in all this (provided they’re not the type to rub it in, and waft junkfood past your nose – not my workmates!)

    I hear you on the oatbran cookies – I was never a fan. Try the Chocolate Oatbran Muffins though – they were a total winner for me! 🙂 I also like to start my day out with oatbran porridge with a pinch of salt and some sweetener – it fills me up right until lunchtime.

    Last thing – about the water. You might already know this, but just in case you don’t: your body will eventually get used to the water you’re drinking, and will stop making you visit the toilet 8 times a day. The mistake most people who make the effort to start drinking more water make, is that when they find themselves going to the loo every 5 minutes for a few days, they get sick of it and give up, RIGHT before their body starts to get used to it!

    Stick with it, you’ll be fine! 🙂 Good luck!

    Charlotte x

    • Claire says:

      What a lovely, helpful welcome – thank you so much for the encouragement! To be quite honest I’m not really enjoing the diet so far and you really uplifted me, I felt more enthusiastic straight away – thank you!

  2. Dobsessed says:

    You should try making turkey meatballs Gentlemonkey from My Dukan Diary has a recipe and it’s good for Attack phase and uses up your oat bran quota. I also got sick of dry meat so would change it up with Sumac dusted Barramundi, yum!

    Good luck!

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