Attack Phase: Day 2

I keep looking in the mirror to see if my tummy looks any flatter. To be honest I can’t see much change. I don’t feel any thinner either. I know it’s only the end of Day Two but hey, they did say the weight loss on the Attack Phase was ‘dramatic.’

Today’s Food:

Breakfast: two oat bran cookies, protein shake

Lunch: My made up Dukan ‘kedgeree’ – smoked fish stirred through cottage cheese and a soft boiled egg. Yum! Followed by plain yoghurt with a couple of drops of sweetener

Snack: A fair few slices of shaved turkey breast and a few spoonfuls of cottage cheese

Dinner: Steamed salmon accompanied by prawns sauteed in wholegrain mustard. Delicious!

I did feel pretty hungry between lunch and dinner hence the rather large snack! So I’m going to aim for slightly bigger meals tomorrow to reduce the afternoon snacking. At least I didn’t snack on anything I’m not meant to eat but I think I was a bit generous with the cottage cheese!!

Incidentally the oat bran cookies, (which are kind of like flat muffins so I’ll call them muffkies) are horrendous. I will not be using that recipe again! They are far too sweet, I should have gone with quarter of a tbsp of seetwener rather than the recommended whole tbsp.

They have quite an eggy consistency which made me think of mini quiches so I think I’ll adapt the recipe and create mini attack phase-friendly savoury quiches. I’ll let you know how I get on and post the recipe when I’m done!

What’s your favourite Attack Phase recipe? Has duing the dukan made you more adventurous in the kitchen?


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2 Responses to Attack Phase: Day 2

  1. Joanna says:

    Sorry to hear the oatbran cookies didn’t turn out good for you.

    I know I had a few failed batches myself till you kind of get the hang of it. Yes, the recipe is pretty much the same as for the muffins, so they’re not technically cookies 😉 I think I’ve seen an actually crispy cookie recipe somewhere would need to find that, try it and put it on the site.

    Not sure why you got an eggy consistency though? Maybe a bit more yoghurt was needed? Just thinking about your sweetness thing too, I often found one spoon not enough, so maybe a difference between sweeteners?

    A really quick recipe for muffins/mini-cakes is:
    1 egg,
    3 table spoons of quark
    2 table spoons of oat bran
    1 table spoon of wheat bran
    1-2 table spoons of sweetener (you might need to check what level of sweetenes you need)
    optionally I like to throw in a few drops of vanilla extract or some other flavour. Also the more quark you add the more cheesecake-like the outcome is.

    Pop it in the oven for 15-20 minutes at 180C.

    I’d suggest experimenting a bit once you find the best proportions for you it’s a really quick and easy way to have your oatbran. 🙂

    • Claire says:

      Hi Joanna, yes they were a bit of a flop but doing some research online yesterday made me realise what went wrong. I’ve been using liquid sweetener which is very concentrated, I think other people use a sweetener that’s more like real sugar in its consistency. Putting in 1 tbsp of my concentrated liquid sweetener was serious overkill – I think a few drops will do next time (if I’m brave enough to give it another go!) Good tip on using extra yoghurt, I had presumed the eggy consistency was normal so yes I must’ve done something wrong there. Thanks for the recipe – I haven’t hunted for quark yet, never heard of it actually so might have a scout around on the weekend. Thanks for all your tips!

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