Attack Phase: Day 1

Those of you who have already investigated the Dukan Diet will know that the diet consists of four phases – attack, cruise, consolidation and stabilisation. When I first read all this alarm bells started ringing. It sounded too complicated, it sounded like a fad diet but it also sounded like it produces fabulous results! Mentally I feel like I’m in the right frame of mind to start a diet and I thought why not?

So the attack phase is 2-7 days (some sources say up to 10 days) of eating protein only foods and basically cutting out all carbs. It’s not sustainable long term, it definitely wouldn’t be healthy long term but it is a kick start and apparently results in immediate weight loss. Knowing my personality, seeing a decent loss during the attack phase will hopefully give me the motivation I need through the crusing phase.

I’ve decided to do the attack phase for 5 days – I’ve been stuck in a plateau for so long I think I need a decent length of time to get back into weightloss mode but at the same time I don’t want to be eating protein only for 10 days so 5 days is a happy medium.

Foods you can eat on the attack phase are poultry (but not duck or goose), lean beef, low fat ham, cottage cheese, fat-free yoghurt, eggs, oat bran, seafood of all types, herbs and spices and some condiments.

Not a great deal of choice but still room to be imaginative. My fridge is stocked and I think I’ll be able to produce a new meal every day. Hopefully!

The Stats

Phase: Attack, Day One

Weight: 57.7 kilos

Weight lost: 0 kg

Today’s Food

Breakfast: 1 protein shake (made up with water)

Lunch: 1 Oatbran pancake, spread with cottage cheese and topped with smoked fish

Snack 1 : Two slices of low fat turkey

Snack 2: A few slices of low-fat ham – woops, didn’t count how many!

Dinner: Chicken Curry

I made some Oat Bran cookies tonight to give me something to snack on over the next few days. I’ve already had my daily quota of oat bran (2tbsp) in my oatbran pancake today so the cookies will have to wait until tomorrow!

Oh and before I forget, I’m not going to weigh myself throughout the attack phase. I’ll weigh in at the end. This is mainly because I’m very good at hopping on the scales, seeing results that don’t make me happy and getting down about it. Which usually results in eating stuff I shouldn’t. Plus I think it’ll be a nice surprise to hold off throughout the attack phase and see what the final result is at the end. I’m not too good at avoiding the scales so I’ll be popping them in a cupboard tonight so I don’t risk temptation!

Are you on the Attack Phase? Do you have any tips? How big is your range of food and do you ever get bored? Let me know I’m not alone!


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