So kan I du the dukan?

I’m Claire. I’m 24 and I’m going to attempt the diet that, apparently, French women swear by. All going to plan I will be slim, svelte, size 6 and sexy. I am skeptical but also incredibly excited at the thought of getting to goal weight once and for all.

After losing around 8 kilos a few months ago (through exercise and healthy eating) my weight loss has plateaued and I have been sitting around the same weight (give or take a kilo or so) for the last 9 months. I’m hoping the Dukan Diet, brainchild of Dr. Pierre Dukan, will be the final push I need to shift the rest of the weight.

Weighty Decisions

As I’ve said on my ‘About Me’ page I am very short. While my weight might sound ‘skinny enough’ to some people, I am technically overweight and although I’m very proud of the 8 kilos I’ve already lost, I really do need to get the last few kilos off.

So my current weight is 57.7 kilos. My original goal weight was 53 kilos. But when I hopped on the official Dukan Diet website and used the ‘calculate your goal weight’ thingymajig I was informed, much to my chagrin, that I was being a bit generous to myself and my goal weight should in fact be 50.9kilos.

I thought it over and decided that yes, I would make 50.9 kilos my goal weight for my wedding day in December but in terms of maintaining a healthy weight long term – I’m happy with 53 kilos and once the wedding is over I will be happy to sneak back up to that weight.

I’ve done my research, I’ve done my shopping and I’m ready to start Day One of Attack Phase tomorrow. Here we go!


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