Cruise Day 45 – PP

Today’s Food:

Breakfast: Oat bran porridge

Snack: None

Lunch: Tinned Salmon mixed with cottage cheese

Snack: Leftover chicken hearts (bet you’re all drooling at that one!! :P), boiled egg

Dinner: Chicken thigh stuffed with sage and cottage cheese, scrambled eggs (2), tofu

Water: 1 litreish (my water intake is slipping, need to watch this)

Exercise: 20 minute run

One of the things that has really affected my weight loss is snacking after dinner. I find that once I have my first bowl of yoghurt with cocoa I want another, then I think oh I’ll just stir some oatbran through the second bowl. Then as I’m putting the yoghurt back in the fridge I’ll grab a couple of pieces of ham and so it goes on. So I’m trying to make a rule that dinner is the last food of the day because it is actually a lot easier to say no to that first bowl of yoghurt than the second. I often end up thinking “oh well I’ve screwed up today now anyway so I’ll just keep eating.” So far I’ve managed about 4 days of this and I think it’s good for me, I’m in a better state of mind when I go to bed and it’s actually helping my running. Because I’m not eating later at night I don’t get stitch in the morning as often – despite running for a year now the stitch is a problem that still plagues me and I find the only thing that really prevents it is running on a very empty stomach.

So another good day on dukan. Tomorrow I am going out with friends and will be indulging in a couple of glasses of wine. I am hoping this doesn’t put things out of whack too much but my friend and I need this night out. We haven’t seen much of eachother lately and I wonder if part of the reason is me avoiding social situations so I’m not tempted by food and wine. Unfortunately sometimes life just gets in the way and tomorrow I’ve decided I’l let it and indulge in my first glass of wine in nearly 2 months!!

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An Offal Experiment

One thing I’ve found with the Dukan Diet is that it’s not cheap. The yoghurt I buy is over $5 a tub and I’m probably going through 2-3 tubs a week. Sliced meats from the deli are also expensive. 500grams of 98% fat free ham sets me back $8. Premium mince? $10 a pack. Chicken breasts – $15 a kilo. It all adds up and when you’ve had a naughty period like I did it seems like such a waste of money buying all that expensive food and not even sticking to the diet properly.

So I’m going to start trying to experiment with offal a bit more. It’s affordable, generally easy to come by and luckily I don’t have a pre-existing aversion to offal. Luckily I’ve never had a major issue with liver and kidneys, I like both. Livers in a creamy wine and mushroom sauce are heavenly. I had them last week just dry fried with onion – not fantastic but not bad. They also taste very rich so you feel like you’ve had a decent meal.

Until now I’ve avoided other types of offal. Liver, kidneys and black pudding (which I’m sure would be far too fatty to be dukan approved) is as offally adventurous as I’ve got. The sight of tripe makes my stomach turn a bit, I can’t stand the thought of it and wouldn’t know where to begin when it comes to cooking it so for now anyway, tripe is off the menu! Today I went for something a bit safer – chicken’s hearts.

I scoured the web for ideas and eventually decided to sautee them in a marinade of onion, garlic, soy sauce and white wine (not dukan approved but I decided to use it regardless). The result was good – a bit more rubbery than liver but still tasty and quite tender. One end of the heart (the end with the valves, sorry all you offal haters!) should, in my opinion, be sliced of as it looks quite fatty. I ended up biting this end of each heart. Pre-slicing would have been a lot easier!

So that’s it. I’m looking forward to my next offal experiment and would love your ideas if you’re an offal eater too!

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Cruise Day 44 – PV

Today’s Food:

Breakfast: Oat bran porridge, 2 scrambled eggs

Snack: Celery Sticks

Lunch: Surimi mixed with natural yoghurt and dill

Snack: Hard boiled egg, 1 slice of low fat ham

Dinner: Chicken’s hearts sauteed in soy sauce, onion, garlic and white wine served on a bed of leeks wth dijon mustard

Exercise: 20 minute run, 2o minute pilates workout

Water: 1.5l-ish

Another great day on dukan, the one non tolerated dukan food was the white wine in the sauce with dinner but as it was part of a marinade I’m hoping some of the naughtiness would have burnt off. Wishful thinking!? Probably!

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Cruise Day 43 – PP

Today’s Food:

Breakfast: Oatbran porridge

Snack: Shaved turkey

Lunch: Surimi mixed with natural yoghurt and dill

Snack: Hard boiled egg

Dinner: Roast chicken, skin removed

Exercise: None

Water: 1.5 litres

Well I think I had a pretty exemplary day on Dukan, apart from the exercise – forgot to turn the volume up on my alarm so didn’t get up on time! Otherwise I’m really pleased with today’s food intake. Here’s hoping I’m on track for a good week!

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Weigh In – 5th October

Hi everyone, sorry you haven’t seen me around in a  few days. I’ve had a really busy week. Now that spring has started in earnest our social calender has taken off and I feel like I”ve been here, there and everywhere. The wedding is just over two months away now and things are getting just a little bit manic!!

So I haven’t quite got back to my pre-blowout weight but I’m not far off – here are this week’s stats:

Today’s Weight: 54.2kg

Weight gained since last weigh in: 0.2kg

Starting weight: 57.7kg

Total weight lost on Dukan: 3.5kg

On a protein only day today so who knows I could finally be back to where I was in a day or two and ready to aim for those 53s again!

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Cruise Day 36 – PP

Today’s Food:

Breakfast: 2 scrambled eggs, oat bran porridge

Snack: None

Lunch: Shrimps, cottage cheese, boiled egg followed by Oat bran yoghurt with cinnamon and sweetener

Snack: A few sips of FH’s chocolate milkshake (you’re right Charlotte, once you’ve said yes to carbs it’s much harder to stop having little bits here and there!!)

Snack: Shrimps with Moroccan spices

Dinner: Roast Chicken

Snack: Banana Protein smoothie

Exercise: 20 minute run, 1 hour pump class workout

Water: 2l

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Cruise Day 35 – PV

Today’s Food:

Breakfast: none (still too full from the blowout!!)

Snack: None

Lunch: Raw energy salad from local cafe – yum! Herbal tea (summer fruits)

Snack: Chai tea

Dinner: Chicken and vegetable stir fry

Dessert: Plain yoghurt mixed with banana protein powder and sweetener

Exercise: 40 minute walk

Water: 2l ish

Back on track after the weekend. I had a sneaky look on the scales, decided I could handle it and as suspected the damage was very bad, 1.4 kilos bad. But I still have no regrets. I can’t explain it but I feel like I’m in a better place now, like I’ve got it out of my system and am fully ready to get back on the wagon. I’m sure a lot of you disapprove, I would disapprove! But I feel fine in myself so that’s got to be worth something

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My Big Fat Weekend Blowout

I was out at dinner for a reunion on Saturday night having a great time and I suddenly thought you know what? I’m going to give myself the weekend off. My motivation has been waning, I’ve been really missing treating myself and I decided that the impact on the scales would be worth a weekend of delicious eating. So I did exactly that. From Saturday night to Sunday night I enjoyed a fantastic ‘eat whatever I want’ 24 hours and boy did I need it. I feel no guilt, no worries, just a lovely, happy, very full tummy. To make all you wonderful people who don’t need to take ‘weekends off’ jealous, here is a full rundown of my sins:

Carrot cake with cream cheese icing

Lots of fruit cake with thick fondant icing

Mini pavlova topped with cream

After dinner wine liquer

Hot chocolate

Iced Chocolate with cream and ice cream

Spinach and mushroom pie topped with melted cheese, spirulina

Peanut butter, jam and cheese on toast

Lots of honey

Spaghetti bolognese topped with parmesan cheese

Ok so when you put it like that, it’s a shocker for one 24 hour period. But I really don’t care, everything tasted so good and I didn’t wake up this morning feeling miserable. I felt like ‘right, that’s done, now let’s get back on the wagon!!’

Funnily enough I haven’t gone near the scales. I know that the above will have done some serious damage, I know what I did wrong – I don’t need the scales to tell me! In fact when I look in the mirror my stomach is really bloated and sticking out so I can actually see the impact!! I’ll cash in a no-weigh pass this week, work really hard and hop back on the scales next week to see wheere I’m at.

So there you go, full confession!!

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Cruise Day 31 – PP

Today’s Food

Breakfast: Scrambled eggs with low fat ham, oatbran porridge with cinnamon and sweetener

Snack: Protein Shake, small mint (the cleaner left it on my desk and I ate it. And I enjoyed it!)

Lunch: Tuna with cottage cheese and boiled egg, yoghurt with oatbran, cinnamon and sweetener

Snack: Stir fried tofu in soy sauce, surimi

Dinner: Pan fried fish fillets

Dessert: Chocolate/banana yoghurt (amazing, used my new banana flavoured protein powder)

Water: 1.5l

Exercise: 20 minute run, 25 minute pilates workout, 1 hour total core gym class

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Cruise Day 30 – PV

I’ve been a bit remiss in blogging daily for the last few days but I’m back into it from today  – promise!

Today’s Food:

Breakfast: Scrambled eggs made with two eggs and low fat ham, oat bran porridge with cinnamon and sweetener

Snack: Banana protein shake

Lunch: Stir fried chinese cabbage, carrots, ginger, tofu and soy sauce, gooey oatbran yoghurt with cinnamon and sweetener

Snack: Hard boiled Egg

Dinner: Roast chicken with baked onions and a salad

Dessert: Extra light cream cheese beaten with bournville cocoa and sweetener=the most amazing chocolate mousse!! (but a bit naughty!)

Water: 2l

Exercise: None and no excuse other than pure laziness!

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